Rental Hangars

Hangars are available for both long and short term rentals, with or without integral apartment.
Note: Some short-term rentals are subject to 30-day notice to vacate for long-term rentals or sale of hangar. The hangars are designed to cover all aircraft sizes from ultralights and gliders all the way up to small business jets and turboprops.

50 feet x 70 feet (15 m x 21 m)

Ideal for cabin-class twins or larger single engine aircraft, the 50 x 70 is also able to accommodate several ultralights or singles at the same time.

41 feet x 50 feet ( 12.5 m x 15 m)

The standard hangar size for single engine aircraft, the 41 x 50 is ideal to protect your plane from the damage and risks of shared open-bay hangars that are so prevalent in Czech Republic. Guaranteed to lower your insurance costs too.

Hangar Rental Rates

6x15x21m, doors 13 m wide
22,000 Czk / 850 Euro per month without office/apt
29,000 Czk / 1160 Euro with office/apt

12,000 Czk / 480 Euro per month without office/apt
21,000 Czk / 840 Euro with office/apt

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